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    33 Pictures That Perfectly Sum Up Australia

    Straya, mate.

    1. Australia is dangerous.

    2. Dangerous at every turn.

    3. Everything is out to get you.

    4. It's survival of the fittest.

    5. Australia is deadly serious.

    6. Really deadly serious.

    7. Especially when it comes to beer.

    8. And bathroom breaks.

    9. Australia is bloody big, mate.

    10. With wide-open spaces.

    11. And unorthodox traffic hazards.

    Rex Features

    12. Shopping hazards.

    13. Yep, Australia is dangerous.

    14. Australia is dry.


    15. Super dry.

    16. And Australia is HOT.

    17. Dangerously hot.

    David Reid / Flickr: davidonformosa / Creative Commons

    18. Ergo.

    19. So it's important to stay hydrated.

    20. And chilled. Australia is CHILL.

    21. Ingeniously chill.

    22. Super chill.

    23. Any place, anytime, anywhere.

    24. Australia is no bullshit.

    25. Always direct.

    26. Straight to the point.

    27. Especially in a crisis.

    28. Australia is patriotic.

    29. Super patriotic.

    30. Sometimes too patriotic?

    31. Australia is mateship.

    REX USA / Rob Leeson

    32. We really love our mates.

    33. Australia = Heaven on Earth.

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