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23 People You'll Only See In Melbourne

Melbourne, Hipster Central. Ahem.

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1. This road safety advocate.

2. The guy with a $2m number plate.

3. The guy whose plate is worth more than his car.

4. The one trick pony.

5. The Ever Vigilant Boost Juice Man.

6. The Awesome Cosplay Guy.

7. And Wolverine.

8. The athletic bus driver.

9. The anti-plastic bag passengers.

10. This air guitaring busker on Swanston Street.

11. This brilliant balloon sculptor.

12. This camouflaged character on the 57 tram.

13. The Grand Prix thrill seeker.

14. The hipster on the phone.

15. The hipster undercover ticket inspector.

16. The Stoned To Death punks.

17. The extremely angry protestor.

18. The guy eating frozen McCains Vegetables at Melbourne Airport. At 02:00am.

19. The really impressive George R. R. Martin lookalike.

20. This Facebook piss taker.

21. This topless rollerblader.

22. The couple photobombing the guy doing the weather.

23. And this defiant smoker (photographed March 2).