29 People Who Will Make You Proud To Be Australian

Dead Set Legends. True Blues. Onya mates.

1. This reliable bloke.

3. This confident fella.

4. This confident fishie.

5. This modest truckie.

6. This guy cooling off on a hot arvo.

7. The animal lover who leapt to this cat’s rescue.

8. The maker of this 34 West End can wizard stick.

9. The creator of this jet powered street luge.

10. This woman bringing her own Slurpee cup on 7-Eleven Day (and the teller who let her get away with it).

11. The bloke who thought these signs made sense.

12. This lovely Larrikin.

13. The Queenslander who spent 65 days in the bush.

14. The farmer responding to frost ruining his crop.

15. The bloke who wrote this sign.

16. The Coles employee who did this.

17. This devious mind.

18. This confused ABC caption writer.

19. This punning sub-editor at the NT News.

20. This unapologetic patriot.

21. The locksmith with the number plates.

22. Chris ”Brolga” Barnes, Roo Rescuer.

Kangaroo Dundee, BBC Natural History

23. Bearded wonder Jimmy Niggles.

Brock Elbank. / Via beardseason.com.au

25. Hawkie: Prime Minister For Life.

26. Koko the Red Dog.

27. The talented Dad who built his son this.

28. Steve Irwin, True Blue.

Onya Stevie! R.I.P. mate.

29. And this digger carrying his wounded mate at Gallipoli.

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Simon Crerar is founding editor of BuzzFeed Australia and is based in Sydney.
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