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This Guy Breaking His Arm On Live TV Will Give You Nightmares

Australian rugby star snaps limb. Warning: this will make you go ew.

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A popular segment on Channel Nine's The Footy Show has gone horribly wrong.

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Queensland's dual rugby international Wendell Sailor (right) squared up to his old Maroon's mate Ben Ross.

Nine Network

HE BROKE HIS ARM! 💪 💥 Ewwwwwwww!

Nine Network

It was just like Sly Stallone in Over The Top.

When Wendell Sailor flipped the switch like Lincoln Hawk. #Everytime #NRLFootyShow

Viewers were shocked.

Who was just watching the @NRLFootyShow and heard that snap in @benross23 's arm???? It was sickening #nrlfootyshow

OMG!!! Is anyone watching #NRLFootyShow?? Did Ben Ross just snap his arm?? Wow

That's a sound I'll be hearing for a while... my god... the risks of live TV... blood still running cold >.< #NRLFootyShow

The Footy Show said Ross was doing okay.

Ben's on his way to hospital and is in good spirits. #NRLFootyShow

The show's co-host was shaken up.

I really hope Ben Ross is ok. I know @RealBigDell was shaken up like all of us. Shows more than ever why we need @menofleague

Later Sailor tweeted his apologies.

Just like to send some love/well wishes out to @benross23 & his family after the accident on the @NRLFootyShow - sorry Big Ben feel so bad.

Don't have nightmares!

WTF just happened??? #footyshow #benross