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    21 Inspiring Pictures Of People Beating Depression By Going Surfing

    OneWave helps people with depression, anxiety and bipolar.

    1. Today is World Mental Health Day, and hundreds of people hit Bondi Beach in Sydney to celebrate life.

    One Wave's Joel Pilgrim with friends Hayley Shaw-McGuinness and Charlotte Philo. Photo: Simon Crerar / BuzzFeed

    2. It looked AMAZING!!

    Simon Crerar / BuzzFeed

    3. One Wave is a surf community that holds weekly #FluroFriday sunrise meet-ups at Bondi and other Australian beaches.

    Hirsty Photos / Via

    4. “Fluro Friday started in March 2013," said One Wave organiser Sam Schumacher.

    BuzzFeed / Simon Crerar

    "My co-founder Grant had suffered depression and anxiety for years, but it wasn’t until he had a manic episode that the switch flicked and he realised he had to start talking about it, to get it out in the open, in order to cope with it. I realised that surfing both helped me connect with other people and helped me when I was down. I saw how it has a profound affect on people and brought them together. That was our founding motivation.”

    5. One Wave spreads a message of awareness and support for people experiencing mental health issues.

    6. Every Friday morning at beaches on Australia's east coast, people gather to raise awareness of depression, anxiety and bipolar. AND GO SURFING!

    7. One Wave started with a board meeting in the water, where people dressed up in business clothes and came surfing. It morphed into fluro.

    Eugene Tan / Via

    8. Why fluro? "It opposes the dark doom and gloom colours of depression," says One Wave's Joel Pilgrim.

    9. Today's plan was to create Australia's largest fluro wave.

    10. "We had a dream of creating Australia's largest fluro wave to support #worldmentalhealthday." – One Wave's Facebook.

    Josh Himbury / Via

    11. " 07:00 this morning YEAAH WE DID!!"

    Josh Himbury / Via

    12. "We are absolutely blown away by how many legends came down to help raise awareness of mental health and kick the stigma behind it being a taboo topic."

    Josh Himbury / Via

    13. "We had 200+ people down there in fluro, who paid tribute to all the good people we have lost to mental heath issues and showed support for anyone going through a funk and their family and friends."

    Josh Himbury / Via


    15. After listening to speeches, attendees fanned out along the beach.

    BuzzFeed / Simon Crerar

    16. Joined hands with the people next to them.

    Josh Himbury / Via

    17. Friends or random strangers/new friends.

    Josh Himbury / Via

    18. And then made Australia's largest fluro wave!

    BuzzFeed / Simon Crerar


    Josh Himbury / Via

    20. “Our message is that it’s okay not to be okay," says One Wave's Joel Pilgrim. "Mental health is real, so let’s talk about it."

    BuzzFeed / Simon Crerar

    21. "This is a supportive environment, what better place to admit it and work through it.”

    Josh Himbury / Via


    BuzzFeed / Simon Crerar

    23. WOOF WOOF!

    Josh Himbury / Via

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