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21 Inspiring Pictures Of People Beating Depression By Going Surfing

OneWave helps people with depression, anxiety and bipolar.

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1. Today is World Mental Health Day, and hundreds of people hit Bondi Beach in Sydney to celebrate life.

One Wave's Joel Pilgrim with friends Hayley Shaw-McGuinness and Charlotte Philo. Photo: Simon Crerar / BuzzFeed

4. “Fluro Friday started in March 2013," said One Wave organiser Sam Schumacher.

BuzzFeed / Simon Crerar

"My co-founder Grant had suffered depression and anxiety for years, but it wasn’t until he had a manic episode that the switch flicked and he realised he had to start talking about it, to get it out in the open, in order to cope with it. I realised that surfing both helped me connect with other people and helped me when I was down. I saw how it has a profound affect on people and brought them together. That was our founding motivation.”


9. Today's plan was to create Australia's largest fluro wave.

13. "We had 200+ people down there in fluro, who paid tribute to all the good people we have lost to mental heath issues and showed support for anyone going through a funk and their family and friends."



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