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The 32 Most Monday Things That Have Ever Happened

And so it begins.

1. First of all, this happened...

2. Then this...

3. This...

4. And this...


5. Waking up is horrible. Like, agony.

6. Getting out of bed is hard. Real hard.

7. You feel like this.

8. This is how you feel about going to work.

9. Just getting to work seems impossible.

10. And fraught with danger.

11. But before that, the bathroom.

12. Then, work.

13. Of course your train broke down again.

14. On route you spot this. People sure are funny.

15. Ah, work. That place you love so much.

16. (Unfortunately your boss said no to this...)

17. Most likely, your co-workers have rearranged your desktop.

18. Your amazing weekend is a fading memory.

19. You feel like this.

20. You go to the vending machine and this happens...

21. Then this...

22. Then this...

23. Then the printer runs out of ink and when you go to change it this happens...

24. Suddenly, you realise it isn't the weekend anymore.

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25. Ah, Mondays...

26. You find it hard to concentrate.

27. Anything seems better than work...

28. Eventually, it's over.

29. After work, you go shopping. Then...

30. Finally you make it home.

31. Bet you wish you just stayed in bed right? Yep.

32. Great to see you, Monday. You bitch.