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    The 33 Most Wonderfully Australian Things That Have Ever Happened

    Waltzing Matilda, Waltzing Matilda. Who'll come a-waltzing Matilda with me?

    1. This weekly shop.

    2. This May the 4th speed-check.

    3. This emu chill out session.

    4. This pedestrian clogging up the bike path.

    5. The day you could fry eggs on the footpath.

    6. This representative of the gentleman's game.

    7. This beautiful Valentine.

    8. This lunchtime special offer.

    9. This free sauce with your pie.

    10. This bunch of freeloaders on the balcony.

    11. This 100 percent Strayan selfie.

    12. And this patriotic way for babies to show they love their country on Australia Day.

    13. This journalistic impartiality.

    14. This art gallery private view.

    15. This regimental mascot in Egypt, December 1914.

    16. This farmer's response to frost ruining his crop.

    17. This message outside a Brisbane church.

    18. This school sign.

    19. This public skoll.

    20. This crisis in the Red Centre.

    21. This sense of what's really important in Darwin.

    22. This daylight robbery.

    23. These cops playing volleyball on Cottesloe Beach. On Australia Day.

    24. This guy just waiting for a maaaaaaaaaate.

    25. This copper thinking of a mate.

    26. This perfectly played interaction.

    27. This perfectly timed Ashes test weather.

    28. The day hail fell. On the SUNSHINE COAST!

    29. This cat airconditioner.

    30. This snag shade.

    31. This tourist in Amsterdam thinking of home.

    32. These decorations at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC.

    33. And this beautifully Australian romance.