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37 Reasons Melburnians Are The Funniest

Melbourne people = funny people.

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1. Lost doge, Carlton North.

2. A+++ Snark.

3. Fighting taggers... with a tag.

4. Bargain bicycle, Smith Street.

5. Fierce dress code.

6. Welcome to RMIT.

7. R2D2 graffiti art, Chapel Street.

8. Heartwarming gesture.

9. Job at at juice bar on Elizabeth Street.

10. People need to gaze at the stars without impediment right?

11. Eternally humble.

12. Australia's culinary capital, obviously.

13. Public Service Announcement.

14. Defending the innocent.

15. Powerfully effective protest.

16. Budget protest.

17. Confrontational approach to junk mail.

18. Dickheads named and shamed.

19. Sometimes over-shamed?

20. Myki making friends, Rushall Station.

21. The Church of Myki.

22. "Britney Spears - The Cabaret" = unmissable.

23. Praise the Lord.

24. The Bible says a lot of things, but pretty sure it doesn't say that.

25. What are you trying to say about Seinfeld?

26. The tragic tale of Rita the Chicken, Brunswick Street.

27. Post It Note Philosophy.

28. Yellow Wall Philosophy, Brunswick.

29. Viral marketing on Bridge Road.

30. Free Street Fighter!

31. Over the crappy stories, Finders Street Station toilet.

32. VIP Garage Sale in Preston.

33. Weirdo Festivals.

34. So cheap we couldn't afford a new sign when we raised the prices.

35. Shooting Gallery, Ringwood.

36. Disgusting.

37. And this. Well played Sayed.