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Orphaned Wombat Goes Global After Falling Asleep On His Back

Turns out wombats sleep on their backs.

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This is Kenny the Wombat. He sleeps on his back.

Pretty chilled little dude right?!

Kenny's anatomy raised a few eyebrows when this image was shared on Tourism Australia's Facebook.

Necessitating the following update: "Um, for those that asked, Kenny is showing his tail, not his peenee."

So now you know.

Kenny's mother was killed by a car last month.

The little orphan wombat is being rehabilitated by Australian Reptile Park keeper Tim Faulkner.

Kenny follows Tim everywhere.

They seem to be having a lot of fun.

The wee man just wants to play!

At the time of writing, Kenny and his tail have been liked 59,000 times by people right around the world on Tourism Australia's Facebook. The little fella remains unruffled...