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29 Times This 68-Year-Old Grandmother Slayed On Instagram

Bow down to the Queen of Advanced Style.

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Meet Aussie fashion icon Jenny Kee.

Last year New York style blogger Ari Seth Cohen featured the designer in his Top 10 Senior Style Instagram Accounts.

In January, BuzzFeed Style featured her in its list of senior style Instagrammers.

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And at the weekend, Australia's premier glossy supplement Sunday Style featured Jenny on their cover.

Sunday Style / Via Instagram: @sundaystyle

1. Australia's coolest grandmother has been on Instagram for two years, and she's killing it.


3. Just beautiful in every way.

4. 68-year-old Kee's love affair with Instagram began during a spiritual retreat in the Himalaya.

5. And it didn't take her long to get the hang of it.

6. Born in Bondi to a Chinese father and a mother of Chinese/Italian origin, Jenny clearly has style in her genes: here's her grandfather in Far North Queensland in 1918.

7. Her feed is a wonderful mixture of family pics.

(Portrait drawn by her daughter Grace in 1984.)

8. Here's granddaughter Stella.

10. She also posts classic Jenny Kee illustrations.

11. Images of the classic Jenny Kee knits that have made her world-famous.

12. And must haves from her new collection.

13. Treasures from the archives.

14. (With Anna Piaggi, late Italian Vogue fashion editor, Milan, 1984.)

15. And contemporary fusions.

16. Plus glorious Australian fauna.

17. Illustrations of fauna.

20. Sometimes Jenny AND native fauna!

22. Plus pics of her famous friends.

23. She has so many lovely friends!

24. And insights into Jenny's fandoms.

25. Jenny lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains, inland from Sydney, NSW.

26. So her feed features lots of beautiful vistas.

27. She has lotsa WARATAHS in her garden. Waratahs are the state flower of New South Wales.


29. Keep up the amazing posts, Jenny Kee. We'll be watching.

An earlier version of this post misidentified the people posing with Jenny in #23 as the designers behind Romance Was Born. Our apologies to everyone.