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This Couple Posed For A Wedding Photo Outside KFC And It's Choice

Finger lickin' good memories.

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Bride Ashleigh Davis, 21, had a team of photographers and videographers recording every moment of her special day in Whangarei, New Zealand on Saturday. But husband Louis wanted something a little bit different.

On route from their ceremony to the reception, the wedding party stopped outside Kentucky Fried Chicken to capture an image that has since gone viral.

Louis Davis /

"I was hungry, so we just stopped off at KFC," Mr Davis told BuzzFeed.

"We asked a passer by to take a quick photo. I changed my profile picture on Facebook before the reception, and when I logged back on it had thousands of Likes."

"Everyone who knows me knows I'm a bit of clown," said Mr Davis.

His wife talked him out of his first suggestion, a proposed photo featuring his groomsmen naked, with only the bridesmaid's bouquets protecting their modesty.

The childhood sweethearts have very different tastes in food, Mr Davis revealed.

"Ashley is a bit of a foodie, unfortunately I have a craving for take-aways. She's really into trying ethnic cuisines: when we go out I tend to pick something safe, and then pick up a KFC on the way home."