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This Dude Is Turning Fear Into Fascination With Snake Foot Massages

Can you make it through this video without saying "fuck that shit"?

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This is Kiwi photographer, free diver, and all round fucking champion smokin' hot bloke Matt Draper.

Instagram: @mattdraperphotography

Draper lives and works in God's Own Paradise – aka Byron Bay, NSW, Australia – where he spends his days surfing, swimming, and chilling with the locals.

Instagram: @mattdraperphotography

Can you get through this video without going "HOLY FUCKING SHIT"?!!!! 🐍 😝

Instagram: @mattdraperphotography

But actually, Draper – whose photographic mission is "changing fear into fascination" – says a foot massage from a snake is HEAVENLY. "It feels so nice," he told BuzzFeed.