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    Posted on 7 Apr 2016

    This Dude Is Turning Fear Into Fascination With Snake Foot Massages

    Can you make it through this video without saying "fuck that shit"?

    This is Kiwi photographer, free diver, and all round fucking champion smokin' hot bloke Matt Draper.

    Draper lives and works in God's Own Paradise – aka Byron Bay, NSW, Australia – where he spends his days surfing, swimming, and chilling with the locals.

    This week Draper's (amazing) Instagram profile exploded after he posted a batshit insanely brilliant video...

    Can you get through this video without going "HOLY FUCKING SHIT"?!!!! 🐍 😝

    This is a 2-metre female diamond python named Snakey that Draper's mate Scottie keeps in a beautiful big enclosure in the Byron hinterland.

    Draper posted the video to Instagram with the caption: "My daily pre-free diving foot massage just went down." 😬 🐍 😭

    But actually, Draper – whose photographic mission is "changing fear into fascination" – says a foot massage from a snake is HEAVENLY. "It feels so nice," he told BuzzFeed.

    "It’s a bit squeamish if you look at it that way. But when people touch them they’re transfixed, it's so soft and relaxing." Go Matt. You legend.

    ABC America / Via

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