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This Emu Thinks He's A Horse And He Doesn't Care What You Think

The emu, named "Emu", lives with the Alice Springs Mounted Police.

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Senior Sergeant Edwards said that Emu has "taken on the equine lifestyle. He follows the horses in and out of the paddock. As the horses gallop away, he gallops off with them."


"The way he behaves, running with the horses, hanging out in the paddock, eating with them – he basically thinks he's a horse," Mr Coates told BuzzFeed.

But "Emu" does not have an entirely harmonious relationship with his adopted mates.

"He sits somewhere in the middle of the pecking order with the other horses. Two get on with him quite well, and the other three aren't quite as convinced."

"He goes round and bites them on the arse, you can see the horse getting annoyed."

The emu is not locked up and is free to go at any time.