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27 Problems That Prove Australia Is Batshit Insane

The Horror.

1. These tiny balls of flaming agony.

2. This impossible obstacle.


4. Wildlife eating all your food.

5. Wildlife that refuses to be tamed.

6. Wildlife making it impossible to go outdoors.

7. Hitchhikers with lame jokes.

8. Hitchhikers that are no joke.

9. The dangers of driving generally.

Flickr: jujuly25 / Creative Commons

10. The great outdoors generally.

11. The importance of ALWAYS checking your shoes.


13. The insanity of fire danger ratings.

14. The day your city is the hottest place on Earth.

Marilyn Saunders / Via

15. The agony of buckle burn.

16. The issue with toilets.

17. Seriously Australia, shouldn't a person be free to poop in peace?

18. The impossible to ignore fact that Australia is home to some of the deadliest creatures on Earth.

19. The stereotypes that actually make no sense.

20. The arguments at Coles or Woolies over which flavour to choose.

Flickr: jennycu / Creative Commons

21. The agony of this happening when you're drunk.

22. The sense Australia is ridiculously bloody expensive.

23. The sense some northern hemisphere traditions don't really go with Australian summers.

24. The sense that northern hemisphere skin isn't really made for Australian summers.

25. The one day a year it gets really cold and everyone freaks the fuck out.

26. The issues the rest of the world have following Australian English.

27. And everyone arguing about whether Australia is a country or a continent when this is all that matters.

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