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    17 Disgusted Reactions To The Pub Barring Indigenous Australians

    A publican has caused outrage with a poster barring Aboriginal Australians.

    A publican posted this sign on the wall of her pub in Coolgardie, Western Australia.

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    Deborah Ovens posted the note after her iPhone was stolen on March 1.

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    At the foot, she included the name of the alleged thief.

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    1. The sign drew an angry response on Facebook.

    2. People were flabbergasted.

    3. Gobsmacked and angry.

    4. It reminded some of the segregation era in the USA.

    5. Or the apartheid era in South Africa.

    6. This is 2014, not 1967.

    7. Not the 1920s. And it wasn't right then either.

    8. Many pointed out that Indigenous Australians had a greater claim on Coolgardie than white Australians.

    9. Most expected Ovens to regret her actions later.

    10. Or practical suggestions for life after hotel management.

    11. Others had business ideas for her.

    12. The majority pledged to boycott the Denver City Hotel.

    13. For life.

    14. While some slammed the publican's media strategy.

    15. Some were determined not to let it go.

    16. Soon word of the campaign was spreading.

    After initially claiming there was nothing wrong with the sign, Ovens later went on talk radio to apologise.

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    "I was pretty upset and in hindsight I know it was the wrong thing to do and I do apologise to the Aboriginal community and I was just hurt," she said on Radio 6PR.

    "I've lived in an Aboriginal community for the last decade and I have complete respect for the whole people as I say, so putting that on the sign was wrong."

    17. The internet wasn't buying it.

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