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23 Aussies Yet To Realise They Live In The Land Of Nope

Why? Why? Just tell us WHY?!

1. This cane toad yoga teacher.

2. This flying fox fisherman.

3. This girl with a King Crab necklace.


4. This Queensland fisho with a friendly bull shark.

5. This sightseer checking out the tourists.

Rex USA / Katrina Bridgeford / Rex

6. This backyard explorer.

7. This guy with a live-in waiter.

8. This hunter with his prize hog.

9. This python with a police escort.

10. These guys chilling in their pool.

11. This guy making friends with his backyard intruder.

12. This guy's mate who doesn't like going too deep.

13. This guy pooping with a friend.

14. This bloke blowing bubbles with his dive buddy.

15. This budding herpetologist.

16. This guy who thinks a giant centipede makes a nice bracelet.

17. These kids with their backyard croc.

Peter Bennett / Newspix / Via Getty Images

18. This lady enjoying a bowling date.

19. These golfers photobombing this relaxing scene.

20. This sheep taking this cowboy for a ride.

21. This little girl with a very big pet.

22. These wallaby rescuers.

Rex USA / Newspix / Rex

23. And this guy, the most distracting front seat passenger on Earth.

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