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    This Adorable Photo Of A Graduating University Student Breastfeeding Wins

    Definitive proof that women are the greatest.

    An adorable photograph of a Queensland student breastfeeding at her graduation has been liked by more than 110,000 people in 24 hours.

    The photo shows Maroochy River mother Jacci Sharkey as she breastfed her son Alek, then 6 weeks old, at her graduation ceremony from Queensland's University of the Sunshine Coast a month ago.

    Speaking to ABC Queensland, Sharkey said the social media reaction stunned her.

    "I never expected it to go crazy. I thought I'd be really happy if it got 100 likes and then it's just gone out of control.

    "There has been a sea of thank-you messages from people. Some were saying they were really worried about starting university but that I've helped them through it.

    "It was really heartwarming ... you do come across your keyboard warriors but it's just nice to see the positive outweighs the negative."

    Comments on the uni's Facebook page were positive.

    Among the more than 3,400 comments were some criticizing Sharkey – but the vast majority were overwhelmingly supportive.