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    14 Ways Australia Post Posties Are The Best Posties In The World

    The Government is considering selling-off Australia Post. Save The Posties!

    1. They cover huge distances.

    2. They pull off crazy stunts.

    3. They keep going whatever the weather.

    4. Whatever the cargo.

    5. Whatever the dangers.

    6. When every delivery dices with disaster.

    7. They're proud of what they do.

    8. Even though they have to wear ridiculous uniforms.

    9. They know how to leave a package in a safe place.

    10. And think outside the box.

    11. They put up with a lot of shit.

    12. They don't give a shit.

    13. Every December, they take letters for Santa.

    14. And they always, always, offer incredible customer service.