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19 Places That Actually Exist In Australia

Australia is the flattest continent on Earth. So pretty dull right?

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5. The Sierra Nevada, California?

Ian Brown /

This may look like the Wild West, and you might not be that surprised to see The Lone Ranger trotting into the shot, but it's actually Mount Giles in the Northern Territory.


8. The Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona?

Run Monty / Flickr: 56001877@N04 / Creative Commons

No that isn't the ghost of Evel Knievel shaping up for one final jump, those are sightseers on the rim of the truly epic Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory.

9. Isla Nublar aka Jurassic Park, Costa Rica?

Peter Harrison / Getty Images

It might look the last refuge of the dinosaurs, but this is actually Hinchinbrook Island in Far North Queensland.


12. The Old Man Of Stoer, Scotland?

Grant Dixon / Getty Images

The coastline is at least as crazy as Scotland's wild north-west, but this is actually The Totem Pole and Candle Stick in Tasmania.

18. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil? / Via Instagram: @crispy_scapes

Isn't that the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio? Nope, this spectacular shot is actually a combination of really clever photography and the amazing Arthur Ranges in the Tasmanian Wilderness Heritage Area.


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