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    • silvianosanchezg

      Unfortunately for women, almost everything on this list is true. But also unfortunately, I do not see most women taking these precautions. I am a serious bicyclist, and sometimes I ride my bike through some very lonely paths. Many times times I run into women jogging/running with their earphones on and their music blasting. They cannot hear a thing. I ring my bell I have on my bike and yell at them, “On your left,” as I pass them, but they don’t even acknowledge me. If I was a rapist or an evil person, they would be perfect victims. It is sad, but not only women have to be aware of their surroundings. Men too have to be aware of their own safety. One thing I don’t agree with on this list, is the one about not smiling or starting small talk with a stranger. I am an average looking man, and I smile at almost everyone I run into. Unfortunately, I have stopped smiling at “very attractive” women, because every time I smile at them, they give this look like saying that they are too pretty for me. “Pretty women,” it is ok to smile at people, you are not better than anyone for being pretty.

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