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21 Photos That Will Give Anyone Who Went To Uni In Glasgow Intense Flashbacks

No night out will ever beat Octo at the Arches. RIP.

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1. There was a different club for every single night of the week, and you knew them all by heart.

It didn't matter if you went to Glasgow Uni, Caley, Strathclyde, or the art school; Viper Mondays would get every week off to a great start.


11. You'd spend your student loan in here, trying to get the "proper" student look.

Flip sold the best T-shirts, expensively scruffy Superdry stuff, and weird gilets.


13. Or in Vintage Guru on Byres Road.

A veritable labyrinth of battered old hats and knackered satchels.


19. Summer meant only one thing: getting as pissed as possible in Kelvingrove before it started raining.

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Getting a carry-out and heading to Kelvingrove Park was a beloved and truly blissful pastime. Taps-aff optional.

20. And of course, you weren't a Glasgow student until you'd been "birthed" by this questionable-looking statue.

Because what else would you use a vagina-shaped sculpture for, especially in Freshers' Week?

21. In short, being a student in this amazing, batshit city was the best thing ever.

And you miss it every day. Especially the chips and cheese.