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The Top 10 Finest Actwarfs

"Actwarf" is the preferred technical term for a Little Person who is also a famous actor, which is no small accomplishment. Here are 10 of the best.

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  • 1. Danny Woodburn

    Best known for playing "Mickey Abbot" on Seinfeld, Danny Woodburn made his tiny role on the show a big success. Small wonder he's considered one of the finest actwarfs of the 20th century.

  • 2. Michael J. Anderson

    Michael J. Anderson is best known for playing the incredibly creepy Man From Another Place on Twin Peaks. Anderson has played a number of roles in Lynch's weird universe and never once come up short.

  • 3. Herve Villechaize

    In addition to his recurring part on Fantasy Island, you will recognize Herve Villechaize from his iconic role as Nicknack in The Man With The Golden Gun. Playing a Bond villain isn't exactly a growth industry, but Villechaize pulled it off with panache.

  • 4. Peter Dinklage

    Peter Dinklage burst onto the scene with 2003's indie success The Station Agent. Moving from an indie film to a mainstream star - as evidenced by his roles in Elf and Prince Caspian - is a tall order, but Dinklage is clearly moving up in the world.

  • 5. Verne Troyer

    Verne Troyer is best known for portraying the diminutive Dr. Evil clone "Mini Me" in the Austin Powers series, as well as for a gross sex tape he made this one time. Can we expect another Mini Me sex tape in the near future? Probably won't be too long.

  • 6. Warwick Davis

    Warwick Davis

    From Willow to Leprechaun to Return of the Jedi (he played Wicket the Ewok), Warwick Davis has loomed large over Hollywood's actwarf community for decades. Little by little, he is becoming one of the most recognizable actwarfs of his generation.

  • 7. Jason Acuna

    Jason Acuna, aka Wee Man, has been living large since the massive success of MTV's Jackass. With sponsorships from Independent Trucks and Monster Energy, Wee Man is also a big deal in the skateboarding world.

  • 8. Kenny Baker

    Kenny Baker

    Kenny Baker is the actwarf responsible for R2D2. He had a bit part in the Star Tours short, too.

  • 9. Tony Cox

    From this scene in Bad Santa, Tony Cox clearly has a big mouth on him. Here are some other facts about this big star: He's a practicing pagan, he owns a giant ranch in Arizona, he plays a big part in a basketball team called the Hollywood Shorties.

  • 10. Zelda Rubenstein

    Zelda Rubenstein

    I'm running short on time. Here's a short-list of her movies: Poltergeist I-III, Sixteen Candles, Teen Witch. She is short.