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    These Mini Schnauzers Will Solve All Of Your Problems

    Although it's not what they were originally bred for back in the mid-19th century; think of the Miniature Schnauzer as your Guidance Counsellor with a wagging tail.

    You feel ignored.

    You need to talk to someone who will actually listen.

    No one's laughing at your jokes.

    You spend too much time in bed.

    You just can't motivate yourself today.

    You've been feeling so lonely lately.

    Everyone thinks you're crazy.

    You feel guilty about something but can't bring yourself to tell anyone.

    You hate how you look in glasses.

    You feel like the Black Sheep of the family.

    You're finding it harder to do the things you could do in the past.

    People make fun of how you like to dress.

    All you seem to do is work.

    All of your friends are bigger than you.

    What you want seems out of reach.

    Being called cute is getting really tiring

    You don't think you're photogenic.

    There's always someone on your back.

    You're the only one not invited to the party.

    Someone is forcing you to change your style.

    You have unruly hair.

    You can be selfish at times.

    New experiences frighten you.

    You really need to get away for a little while.