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    Cetus-Lupeedus! The Cast Of "Zenon" Reunited And Revealed Some Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Movie

    Our fave supernova girl is back!

    Any '90s kid will tell you that Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century was THE movie to watch growing up.

    Well, in lunarious news, three members of the OG cast just reunited! Kirsten Storms, who played Zenon, Phillip Rhys, aka THE Proto Zoa, and Gregory Smith, who played Zenon's love interest, Greg, came together for the first time in 21 years to talk about the movie.

    In the exclusive PeopleTV interview, the trio revealed a ton of fun behind-the-secrets about the movie. For example, a lot of the Earth scenes were shot at Gregory's real-life high school, which he was attending at the time.

    "It was such a fun shoot. I remember we all kind of hung out together," Gregory said. "Because we shot it at my high school during the summer break, they let a bunch of my friends be extras. So in all those scenes, that's all the kids that I palled around with growing up."

    And Kirsten — who has since gone on to star in General Hospital — revealed what she took from set all those years ago: "I have some of the wardrobe in my storage unit saved."

    As for Phillip, the 48-year-old talked about the iconic major (see what I did there) music number at the end. "I think I got the song maybe the night before [shooting the scene]," he began. "I'm not much of a dancer. I had two left feet. So I was trying to remember the song that I had just been given, plus these dance moves."

    Even though the movie aired over two decades ago, Kirsten revealed that she gets recognized by fans to this day.

    "But I think it's funny, I get asked to say 'cetus-lupeedus' all the time, and I just go with it. I love that this movie stuck around for so long. And now people are playing it for their kids, which I think is really cool."

    But the million-dollar question came when the group was asked about reprising their roles in a possible Z4, and their answers were simply stellar. "I would be down for something like that," Kirsten said. "I think they're rebooting a lot of the OG Disney stories, so I think that would be fun."

    "There's definitely something there," Phillip added. "There's a reason why it connected with so many. It really is. The story, the sensibility — it was this universal tale. Ultimately, [that] there's no place like home."

    I know people have some strong opinions about their fave shows and movies being rebooted, but if the original cast is on board....sign me TF up!!! I'm ready to be a supernova girl again.