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    We’ve All Been Saying Zenon’s Catchphrase Wrong And Everything Is A Lie

    My world is melting.

    If you're a '90s kid who grew up watching Disney's Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, then you probably know Zenon's iconic catchphrase: Zetus lapetus!

    Disney Channel


    Disney Channel / BuzzFeed

    According to an official copy of a script BuzzFeed obtained from Disney, the spelling is actually "Cetus-Lupeedus." WHAT IS HAPPENING?

    At this point you're probably like, "But her name starts with a 'Z,' and it only makes sense that her amazing catchphrase would also start with a 'Z.'"

    Disney Channel / BuzzFeed

    (Honestly, it's pretty logical.)

    You're also probably like, "But Urban Dictionary says it's 'Zetus Lapetus,' and Urban Dictionary NEVER lies."

    (Again, logical.)

    But, in reality, we're (partially?) wrong, and we just have to accept the facts (that I googled):

    — When you google "Zetus," only Zenon results pop up.

    — But when you google "Cetus," lets you know that it's the name of one of the largest constellations in the sky. (Space = Zenon, Zenon = Space.)

    — The only problem is that when you google "lupeedus," the results are like, hey, this isn't a word, did you mean "lupinus/lupus/lapidus/lepidus"?

    — But when you google "lapetus," you find out from NASA that it is the name of Saturn's third largest moon. (Again, Space = Zenon, Zenon = Space.)

    Basically, what I have learned from this deep dive into Zenon slang is that we may never know the ~truth~ behind the catchphrase, and that, more importantly, listening to the below video over and over again will only make "Zetus lapetus/Cetus-lupeedus" lose all meaning.

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    But, WHATEVER — we all get to dance along to "Supernova Girl" during the epic Disney Channel Original Movie four-day marathon, so everything is going to be OK, guys.

    Disney Channel

    ♫ Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom, my supernova girl ♫

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