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Cole Sprouse Would Likely Be In A Basement Sifting Through Artifacts Right Now, If It Wasn't For "Riverdale"

GIS and GPS are apparently not the same thing. Go figure.

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Earlier today, everyone's favorite weirdo Cole Sprouse appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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The Riverdale star shed light on his life before the show and it was fascinating, tbh.

In case you didn't know, Cole graduated from NYU in 2015, along with his brother Dylan.

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One would ~assume~ that he got his degree in something relevant like, oh, I don't know...acting? Theatre? Screenwriting? Anything remotely related to the arts? But, no!




Fortunately for us plebes, Cole explained that GIS is "basically like a virtual cartography and [he] was applying it to archaeology."


^Me rn.

He continued, "I had traveled around the world and I was part of a couple excavations."

"And then, I had a job in Brooklyn in some dingy lab in a basement in Williamsburg."


"But, then I came back around."


And we're so glad that they did! Although, I could 100% get behind a Cole Sprouse Indiana Jones* movie. He could be Jughead's cousin or something, idk. I mean, he already has the hat.

*Indiana Jones was an archaeologist which isn't ~technically~ the same thing as GIS? I still don't totally get it, don't @ me!

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