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Tom Hanks Posted This Photo On His Instagram And It's Freaking Me The F*** Out

It's creepy and it's kooky, mysterious and spooky.

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So, I think we can all agree that Tom Hanks is fucking amazing.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Who am I kidding? He's a GODDAMN 👏 NATIONAL 👏TREASURE 👏 !

Mike Windle / Getty Images

Like, ACTUAL national treasure.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Anyway, in true rockstar fashion, Tom is extremely active on social media. Sure, he mostly posts pictures of lost items he finds while strolling New York City, but he's Tom fucking Hanks and he can do as he pleases. Plus, they're pretty hilarious, to be honest.

I mean...

...this didn't get over 99,000 likes for nothing.

ANYWAY! Today, Tom posted a photo of this building on social media and it had everyone feeling some type of way.

This is the scariest building I've ever seen! WTF goes on inside?? Hanx.


Pretty much.

While some were shaking in their boots at the sight of this windowless building, others graciously took the time to chime in with a few ideas on what exactly may go on there.



But in the midst of all that, some people actually managed to figure it out.

Yep. The NSA. #casual
Twitter: @MylesMill

Yep. The NSA. #casual

Formerly an AT&T building, the 550-foot tall skyscraper in Lower Manhattan — known as the Long Lines Building — is now used as a listening post for the NSA.

Dhaluza / Via, Dhaluza / Via, Mark Visosky / Via Flickr: 32422736@N00

Film short, Project X, details the history (and secrecy!) behind the NYC fortress.

View this video on YouTube

So, that's that.

Thanks for the nightmares!

NBC / Via

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