Girls Are Sharing Things Guys Think Are Cool That They Actually Hate, So Men, Take Note

    Why do they spit off to the side like that???

    On Sunday, Reddit user u/baldski_is_jesus asked girls, "What is something many guys think is cool but is actually the opposite?" Here are the best responses:

    1. Smoking

    2. Telling us about how many people you've been intimate with

    "Like, great you have had a lot of sex. And that's supposed to impress me how?" —jadenkayk

    3. Loud cars/motorcycles

    "My ex was super happy that he drove stick so he could rev his engine easier. I hated driving with him when he did that. It’s not cool. It just makes you sound like an asshole." —macton2

    4. Being overly competitive

    "When the prompt on dating apps asks what are they competitive about and they say 'everything.'" —CosinesCosines

    5. Being overly masculine and talking about fighting

    6. Acting disconnected and showing no emotion

    "That macho-man shit doesn’t work! It’s okay to be sensitive and talk about things, and show emotions." —roble544

    7. Equating anything considered "feminine" as "gay" on a guy

    "If your manhood is threatened by someone wearing eyeliner, I think you must be really immature and insecure." —Kitchen_of_the_North

    8. Talking about themselves all the time

    "Doing that will only get you women who are shallow, insecure, and/or have other issues. Emotionally healthy people want someone who can be honest, can listen, and is comfortable with who they are, flaws and all." —survivalothefittest

    9. Catcalling

    10. Misogyny

    "If I ever hear someone crack a 'women belong in the kitchen' joke to their buddies, it immediately eliminates any chance of me wanting a relationship with them." —macton2

    11. Complimenting you by putting down other women

    "I don't tear other women down, and I'm sure as shit not tolerant of men doing so and trying to pit me against women for whatever reason." —NegotiationGloomy625

    12. Playing "devil's advocate"

    "It's just a cover for being an asshole." —survivalothefittest

    13. Spitting

    14. Problems with authority

    "I can’t stand that kind of pride and ego." —Wafflesxbutter

    15. Putting down their friends

    "It just shows that you’re a dick, and that we need to steer clear. Of course teasing and joking around with friends is normal and stuff, but purposefully putting others down just for attention is never cool." —chopstickchild

    16. Unsolicited dick pics

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