Here Are All The Romance Novels You Need To Read This Summer

    Get 'em while they're hot!

    1. A Lowcountry Bride

    by Preslaysa Williams

    When Maya Jackson’s father fractures his hip, she ventures back to her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, to care for him. While there, she discovers that the local bridal gown boutique has an opening and decides to put her years at New York’s premiere bridal brand to good use and finally try her hand as a designer. With her dreams finally coming true, the last thing she needs is to be distracted by the shop’s owner Derek Sullivan, who is trying to save Always a Bride from bankruptcy and preserve its legacy for his mother. Derek, a widower and now single father of his 12-year-old daughter, is still grieving the tragic loss of his wife and has no plans to pursue a new relationship. But fate has other ideas...

    2. Anne of Manhattan

    by Brina Starler

    In this modern Anne of Green Gables reimagining, Anne has left behind her idyllic early life in Avonlea, Long Island, for grad school in New York City. Excited to finally pursue her dream of becoming a writer, Anne is disgruntled to find her longtime rival Gilbert Blythe attending the same school — just a few years after kissing and ghosting her. When they’re forced to work together, their competitive passion ignites into something more. Anne is ready to reconsider her feelings toward Gilbert, until he seemingly betrays her. Now, it’s up to Gil to set the record straight and win her back before it’s too late.

    3. The Checklist

    by Addie Woolridge

    From crushing it at work to dating her gorgeous boyfriend, Dylan Delacroix’s life is close to perfect...until she upstages her insecure boss on a big project and gets dispatched to her hometown of Seattle as retribution. Now, she’s tasked with keeping an eccentric CEO in check, mediating the growing conflict between her parents and their neighbors, and trying to save her crumbling relationship. Dylan’s always relied on checklists — personal and professional — to help her stay on track. But as she spends more time in Seattle...and with her neighbor’s very attractive son...she’s finding it harder and harder to keep her life in order.

    4. One Last Stop

    by Casey McQuiston

    Cynical 23-year-old August was sure that New York was the perfect place to prove that there was no such thing as magic or grand romantic love stories. I mean, where’s the magic in having too many roommates and waiting tables, right? Wrong. During her subway commute one day, August spots Jane, a punk rocker with a leather jacket and swoonworthy smile. Now, riding the subway is the best part of August’s day. But then she discovers that Jane isn’t just a too-cool, stylish New Yorker — she’s literally been displaced from the 1970s. As August tries to help Jane, she realizes that maybe there’s such a thing as magic (and love) after all.

    5. The Road Trip

    by Beth O'Leary

    While on a road trip to Scotland for a wedding, Addie and her sister’s grand adventure is interrupted by a small collision with another car...belonging to the ex-boyfriend who broke Addie’s heart two years ago. Dylan and his best friend are headed to the wedding too, but with their car out of commission, they’re forced to ride along with Addie and her sister. Grudgingly together, the four continue on their road trip now packed in a car full of luggage, secrets, and sexual tension.

    6. Seven Days in June

    by Tia Williams

    Twenty years ago, Eva Mercy and Shane Hall were two tweens who fell madly in love in one whirlwind week. Now, Eva is a bestselling erotica writer and single mom, while Shane is a reclusive award-winning literary author. When the pair unexpectedly cross paths in New York, their chemistry bubbles to the well as buried heartbreak. Over the next seven days in Brooklyn, Eva and Shane reconnect. But instead of the intended closure, could they be opening the door for a future together?

    7. The Queer Principles of Kit Webb

    by Cat Sebastian

    Kit Webb has worked hard to put his thieving days behind him, retiring his life of crime to run a coffee shop instead. So he’s a little shocked when the son of a duke walks through his door and not only knows about his criminal past but tries to hire him to steal something. Kit refuses him at first, but Lord Percy Holland is very determined. Against his better judgment, Kit agrees to a compromise — he won’t steal anything himself, but he’ll teach Percy how to. As their thievery lessons begin, Kit and Percy’s untrusting glances evolve to ones of curiosity and even desire. But when their heist goes awry and secrets come out, everything they feel for each other is thrown into question and they’ll have to learn trust if they plan to have a future.

    8. The Layover

    by Lacie Waldon

    After 10 years, flight attendant Ava Greene is finally ready for something new. But the memory of her final flight is tainted by the presence of Jack Stone, the good-looking, cocky pilot whom she’s held a grudge against ever since he played a part in the most embarrassing night of her life. Things go from bad to worse when the plane experiences mechanical issues and a few hours on a flight turns into a few days in Belize. But the white sand, strong cocktails, and warm sun of a luxury resort have a way of softening the edges of even the most stubborn of grudges. As the two spend time together trapped in paradise, Ava begins to wonder if it’s the island changing her feelings...or if maybe she had Jack all wrong from the beginning.

    9. Very Sincerely Yours

    by Kerry Winfrey

    Nearly 30 years old, Teddy Phillips isn’t exactly living the life she thought she’d be. Recently dumped and working at a toy store, she finds the one thing that occasionally makes her feel better is her not-so-guilty pleasure Everett’s Place, a local children’s program hosted by a calm — and surprisingly cute — man who seems to have it all figured out. Hoping he has answers to questions she hasn’t quite figured out yet, Teddy writes him a fan letter and the two strike up a correspondence, never actually meeting in person. But when their worlds collide and Teddy and Everett finally come face to face, they’ll have to figure out what they want in life...and if that life includes each other.

    10. The Wisteria Society of Lady Scoundrels

    by India Holton

    Cecilia Bassingwaite is a picture-perfect Victorian lady — overlooking the minor detail that she’s a thief. A member of the Wisteria Society crime sorority, she spends her days blackmailing and treasure hunting...all while sipping tea of course! When sometimes-assassin Ned Lightbourne encounters her, he’s immediately smitten. Too bad he’s been hired by a pirate to kill her. When the Wisteria Society and Celia’s beloved aunt are put in peril, Cecilia and Ned team up on a dangerous adventure with surprising results.

    11. The Hellion’s Waltz

    by Olivia Waite

    After Sophie Roseingrave and her family lost almost everything to a con man — including their beloved piano shop — Sophie is not as quick to trust. So when she meets silk-weaver Madeline Crewe, she's immediately suspicious of the local beauty. Madeline just needs one final score to fund the weavers union and has already set her sights on greedy draper Mr. Giles. But when Sophie starts snooping her nose where it doesn't belong, Madeline must get her on her side by any means necessary, even seduction.

    12. Love Scenes

    by Bridget Morrissey

    Sloane Ford comes from a famous family but as a recent out-of-work actor, she finds herself roped into working as a producer on their World War II–era romance. What Sloane didn't know was that Joseph Donovan would be playing a leading role. Joseph isn't exactly Sloane's favorite person. He made her life a living hell on a movie they'd previously worked on and she hasn't forgiven him for it. When Joseph's romantic interest is fired from the shoot, Sloane steps in — and chemistry begins to build both on and off camera. Morrissey's sarcastically humorous voice shines in her debut contemporary romance and her characters (including Sloane's big, beautiful family) will absolutely charm the pants off you.

    13. The Devil and the Heiress

    by Harper St. George

    American heiress Violet Crenshaw has no plans to marry. Instead, she wants to run away and become an author. In addition to being inspiration for one of Violet’s most sinful characters, Christian Halston is an earl who needs to marry for money to rebuild his estate. When the opportunity arises for him to escort the wealthy Violet north, he devises a plan to seduce her and convince her to marry him. But the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes he wants to marry not for money, but for love... He just needs to find a way to prove this to his (hopefully) bride-to-be.

    14. To Sir, With Love

    by Lauren Layne

    When her father dies suddenly, Gracie Cooper puts her dreams of life as an artist on hold to take over his Manhattan champagne shop. Soon, she discovers that not only are the shop’s finances out of whack, but also Sebastian Andrews — the handsome head of a giant corporation — is annoyingly trying to buy her out, which her father would never want. Instead of turning to her family and friends, which would only worry them, Gracie finds comfort chatting to “Sir,” a man she connected with on a blind dating app that prioritizes messages and common interest over real names and photos. Gracie is under the impression that she and her online boo have never met...when in reality he’s someone that she knows and loathes.

    15. Out of Character

    by Annabeth Albert

    Growing up, Milo and Jasper were two nerdy best friends. But, as Milo drifted into the jock crowd, they drifted apart. When Milo loses his brother's extremely rare game cards, he's forced to reach out to Jasper for help, who now runs a popular gaming blog. Jasper is reluctant to help, worried spending time with his former friend will cause old feelings to resurface. But when Milo offers him a chance to help run a cosplay event at a local children's hospital, he agrees. Just as Jasper predicted, spending time with Milo reignites a former flame, but maybe this fire between them is one they don't want to put out.

    16. Incense and Sensibility

    by Sonali Dev

    Yash Raje aspires to be California's first Indian American governor. But after his life is threatened at a rally, Yash's spirit is broken and fear has taken hold. To help with his anxiety, he seeks help from family friend India Dashwood, the state's premiere stress management coach. But spending time with India means reliving the one secret, magical night they shared 10 years ago, as well as how terribly it ended. With a history-making election on the line and lives hanging in the balance, Yash has to focus on healing — but maybe he can repair what's broken between him and India while he's at it.

    17. Too Good to Be Real

    by Melonie Johnson

    When her job is on the line, aspiring travel writer Julia pitches her boss a story about a nearby rom-com resort — a place where romantic comedy fans can come live out their meet-cute fantasies for a weekend. When she arrives, with two friends in tow, she (literally) runs into Luke, a lanky and handsome guest who she has an immediate and strong connection to. Only...Luke isn’t just a regular guest; he’s in charge of the weekend’s festivities and he also has no idea that Julia is there to review the resort. As the two start spending time together under false pretenses — and with both their jobs at risk — Julia doesn’t know if her feelings for Luke are real or just part of the fantasy.

    18. It Happened One Summer

    by Tessa Bailey

    When LA "It Girl" Piper Bellinger throws a party that lands her in jail, her stepfather temporarily banishes her to Westport, Washington — the fishing town her mother raised her in before her birth father died — to learn a lesson. With her loyal sister in tow, Piper arrives to a town full of locals who aren't impressed by her flashy fashion or number of Instagram followers...especially one local in particular. Widower and boat captain Brendan is a creature of habit, and the arrival of the too-beautiful Piper throws a wrench into his routines. Their relationship gets off to a rocky start, but quickly evolves into something neither of them saw coming...or want to let go of.

    19. The Rehearsals

    by Annette Christie

    After a catastrophic rehearsal dinner, Megan and Tom call off their wedding. But when they wake up the next morning, they find themselves stuck in a time loop. The pair are forced to relive the same day over and over again — including dealing with family drama and unsaid secrets. Yet, with each passing rehearsal dinner, the couple realize maybe getting married is what they want after all — if only they could get out of the time loop and actually have a wedding day.

    20. While We Were Dating

    by Jasmine Guillory

    Ben Stephens doesn't have time for relationships, especially when he gets a career-changing opportunity to run an ad campaign featuring movie star Anna Gardiner. Their working banter quickly turns flirty and, when Ben shows up for Anna after a family emergency, they realize something serious is growing between them. But having a relationship in the spotlight isn't what the movies make it out to be, and Ben has to figure out if he wants to fade into the background or step up and be Anna's leading man.

    21. Hot Under His Collar

    by Andie J. Christopher

    Sasha Finerghty has a massive crush on Patrick Dooley, or rather, Father Patrick Dooley. Being into a priest is very inconvenient, but returning those feelings as a priest is so much worse. The more time Father Patrick and Sasha spend time together to fundraise money to save a community program, the more they struggle to resist their growing feelings. But, when that mutual attraction crosses a line, they must decide if they can go back to how things were before, or if they take a leap of faith to have a future.

    22. Isn't It Bromantic?

    by Lyssa Kay Adams

    When her Russian journalist father mysteriously disappeared, Elena Konnikova did the only thing she could think of to stay safe — she married her childhood friend Vladimir and moved to the United States, where he's a professional hockey player. Their marriage has always been one of convenience, but Vlad wants to make it very real. With the help of his Bromance Book Club — along with some neighbors and over-eager widows — Vlad does what he can to show Elena a love like the kind he reads about...and like the one he's secretly writing. But when Elena's past creeps back up, their whole future together is put on the line.

    23. Heartbreak For Hire

    by Sonia Hartl

    Since flaming out of grad school, Brinkely Saunders has worked at Heartbreak for Hire, a secret service that helps jilted lovers, frenemies, and aggrieved coworkers get a little taste of revenge on the men in their lives. Though it's not what she wants to do long term, she get to save money to open her own art gallery and empower women at the same time. But, when the company announces it's hiring their first male heartbreaker, Brinkley isn't sure this is still the job for her. There's more to Mark than meets the eye, and his sexy sweater vests cover a nerdy heart of gold that she can't (and doesn't) resist. When secrets come out, Brinkley must decide if she's going to work to save her relationship, or become just another heartbroken lover out for revenge.

    24. The Man Ban

    by Nicola Marsh

    After a horrible break up, Harper Ryland puts herself on a year-long man ban, choosing to focus on her career instead of any romantic relationships. During her best friend's wedding, she meets best man Manny Gomez, who immediately gets under her skin. So when she runs into him a week later in New Zealand, she's less than pleased. But when Manny comes to her rescue after an unfortunate disaster, she's forced to reevaluate her opinion of him. Maybe he isn't so bad after all, and in fact, maybe a little international fling is exactly what she needs. As long as they keep things casual she isn't breaking her ban...but that's easier said than done.

    25. The Dating Dare

    by Jayci Lee

    Tara Parker isn't in the market for a romantic relationship, although Seth Kim — her best friend's super hot new brother-in-law — is almost tempting enough to make her reconsider. Seth is moving to Paris in a month and doesn't have time for anything serious. So, when a friendly game of Truth or Dare turns into a four-date arrangement, the pair think it's the best possible scenario — a few weeks of fun with no strings attached. But the two continuously surprise each other and soon realize that maybe what they have between them could be something more, something serious, something forever. But the road to forever is never easy, and Tara and Seth will have to deal with past relationship baggage if they want any chance at a future.

    26. If The Shoe Fits

    by Julie Murphy

    In this Cinderella retelling, Cindy is a recent graduate with a degree in shoe design. When she returns home, her stepmother — an executive producer for reality dating show Before Midnight — needs a last-minute contestant, and Cindy volunteers, thinking the publicity will help her launch her fashion career. But the audience isn't only focused on her fashionable footwear — Cindy is the first plus-size contestant the show has had, quickly becoming a body positivity icon for women all across the country. Cindy is so focused on this newfound responsibility, navigating being on a reality show, and trying to launch a career that love sneaks up on her. But will she get the fairytale ending?

    27. So We Meet Again

    by Suzanne Park

    When up-and-coming investment banker Jess Kim is passed over for promotion by her racist and sexist comapny, she storms out of her office building and heads straight back home to Tennessee and her Korean mother's open arms. Before long, her mom tries to set her up with her pastor's son, Daniel Choi, a lawyer by day and successful video game streamer by night. Daniel helps Jess launch her new Korean cooking YouTube channel for busy professionals looking for easy meal prep. When Jess' mom interrupts one of the tapings by telling her everything she's doing wrong, the video goes viral and puts her channel on the much so that a client offers to buy her company. But when she gets to the negotiating table, she finds herself seated across from the firm that laid her off, along with their new counsel — Daniel...who she happens to be falling for.

    28. I Kissed A Girl

    by Jennet Alexander

    Up-and-coming horror actor Lila Silver is finally on the brink of her big break, but she can't do it alone. She enlists the help of her trusted makeup artist Noa Birnbaum — who's secretly been crushing on Lila for a while. Long hours in the makeup chair working together to make their respective dreams come true builds a connection neither of them saw coming.

    29. Miss Lattimore’s Letter

    by Suzanne Allain

    Having given up on her own love life years ago, Sophronia Lattimore has resigned herself to serve as her cousin's chaperone. But when she saves a man from proposing to the wrong woman by sending him a letter with advice, word gets out and soon people are asking her to play matchmaker on their behalf. One client, the handsome Edmund Winslow is seeking a bride and Sophronia wishes she could fill the role herself. She convinces herself he could never return her feelings and vows to remain professional. But her job proves to be a little too challenging when her former flame, an unsatisfied client, and a man besotted with Sophronia's cousin all turn up at her doorstep. Trying to navigate other people's love lives is hard enough, but deciding between her ex and Edmund, who has feelings for her after all, is practically impossible.

    30. Wait For It

    by Jenn McKinlay

    Twice-divorced and not even 30, Annabelle Martin is stuck in a rut. So when she's offered her dream job in Phoenix, Arizona, she jumps at the chance for a fresh start. When she arrives, she's immedately curious about her anonymous landlord, who she assumes is an old, cranky grump based on the notes he leaves her. So when she meets him IRL and discovers that he's her age, she's very surprised. Nick Daire had a stroke year ago and now uses a wheelchair, but physically, he should've made a full recovery a while ago. When Annabelle discovers he has a paralyzing fear that has kept him trapped in his home and unable to heal, she can't help but help him. Together, they make each other brave enough to fight for the life they want...and who they want to spend it with.

    31. The Dating Playbook

    by Farrah Rochon

    Personal trainer Taylor Powell is great at her job — it's just not paying the bills. With a dire financial situation, she needs a miracle and it just so happens to come in the form of NFL star Jamar Dixon. The footballer hires her to help him get back on the field, but they have to keep their sessions a secret. So when they're spotted together and assumed to be a couple, they play along to keep the truth hidden. Fake dating her client was just supposed to be a game, but when it turns real and they start playing for keeps, Taylor doesn't know if she's going to win or lose.

    32. The Heart Principle

    by Helen Hoang

    First, violinist Anna Sun accidentally achieves career success but can't seem to replicate it. Then, her long-term boyfriend tells her he wants to try an open relationship before making a final commitment. Fed up and needing to let loose, Anna decides to have a string of one-night stands with the most ineligible men she can find. Enter, a tattooed, motorcyle-riding Quan Diep. He's the perfect candidate but during each of their attempts at a one-night stand, something goes wrong. Anna begins to wonder if maybe it's because she wants more with Quan than just the physical. But when tragedy strikes in her family, Anna has to figure out her own life before she can face her feelings for Quan head on.

    33. Portrait of a Scotsman

    by Evie Dunmore

    After aspiring artist and heiress Hattie Greenfield is caught in a compromising position with Lucian Blackstone, a darkly handsome and ruthless businessman, she's forced to be his bride in a marriage of convenience. Lucian has business and revenge on the brain, and no time for a wife with desire for romance or happily ever afters. When a sudden trip to Scotland puts them in closer proximity than they're used to, Lucian learns that his wife is more passionate, talented, and curious than he ever realized. Now he wants nothing more for his wife to fall in love with him, but a secret exposed threatens their future, forcing him to choose between love and revenge.

    34. The Shaadi Set-Up

    by Lillie Vale

    Six years ago, Rita Chitniss and Milan Rao were high school sweethearts — until Milan broke her heart and left her high and dry. Now, Rita has moved on and is happy with her boyfriend Neal and her successful furniture restoration career. When her meddling mother brings Milan back into her life, she begrudgingly agrees to help him flip a hard-to-sell house for his realty agency. But she doesn't want him, or her mom, getting any ideas of them getting back together. To prove that the past is behind them and Neal is her future, she signs her and her boyfriend up for a popular Indian matchmaking website. Expecting to get paired with Neal, she's shocked when her perfect match is revealed to be Milan. She tries to put the results to the back of her mind, but as they spend time working on the house together and talking about the past, she wonders if the dating site had it right all along.

    35. The Charm Offensive

    by Alison Cochrun

    After his public image takes a hit, tech genius Charlie Winshaw agrees to go on reality dating show Ever After. But Charlie isn’t really interested in finding love, and this comes across on camera. That’s where producer extraordinaire and hopeless romantic Dev Deshpande comes in. Dev starts working closely with Charlie to help him loosen up and connect with one of the 20 female contestants. But as they spend time together, they realize that the two of them have more chemistry with each other behind the scenes than Charlie has with anyone else on camera.

    36. A Lot Like Adios

    by Alexis Daria

    Michelle Amato may have a thriving career as a freelance graphic designer, but she's still the black sheep in her Puerto Rican-Italian family for being single. Gabriel Aguilar left the Bronx over a decade ago to escape his parent's expectations, leaving behind his best friend and secret crush, Michelle. When the now-Los Angeleno gets a chance to open one of his celebrity gyms in New York he's on the fence...until he learns Michelle will be leading the marketing campaign. It doesn't take long for their reunion to take a sexy turn, but with their families and careers entangled, it's even harder to figure out if they have a future or if they should say goodbye.

    37. The Love Hypothesis

    by Ali Hazelwood

    Ph.D. candidate Olive Smith doesn't believe in love...but her best friend does and won't get off her back about seeing someone. Olive tries to convince Anh that she's dating, but they're not buying it so Olive does the only thing she can think of — kisses the first man she sees. Unfortuantely, that man turns out to be Adam Carlsen, a cocky professor who she's not the biggest fan of. So, she's shocked when Adam agrees to play her fake boyfriend, all in the name of science, of course. But the "data" she collects while spending time with Adam is proving her love hypothesis wrong.

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