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    The "Stranger Things" Kids Looked All Grown Up At The Show's Premiere And I Feel Insanely Old Now

    No Demogorgons allowed.

    Stranger Things Season 3 is just around the corner and you know what that means...a good ol' fashion Hollywood premiere.

    Or in this case, a Santa Monica premiere. Netflix recreated Fun Fair — a carnival featured in the Season 3 trailer — at the Santa Monica Pier!

    Look how cool!! I could totally pretend that I was in Indiana if, you know, it wasn't for the whole ocean thing.

    The real life Hawkins High marching band was even there! I mean, that's DEDICATION.

    Not to mention, there were a ton of cool rides for everyone to go on.

    Ahh yes, the calm before the storm...

    ...and now they're UPSIDE DOWN. GET IT. You get it.

    Anyway, the whole gang was there. The guys...

    ...and the gals.

    Our favorite father and son duo!!

    D'AWWWW, and our fave father and daughter duo!

    This picture genuinely added a thousand years to my life. Love to see mom and dad so happy!

    Can't forget about THE sassiest sibling.

    I mean, she is!

    And look at this! When did Finn get to be taller than Charlie?? He's not a little kid anymore and it's freaking me out!

    Also, I know we're all supposed to ship Eleven and Mike, and I definitely do, but this is cute as heck. Millie shared this photo on Insta and wrote, "He's the Ryan to my Blake," and how presh is that!

    You love to see it!

    Stranger Things Season 3 premieres on July 4!