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    The "Stranger Things 3" Trailer Is Here And It Will Get You Sooooo Pumped Up

    Is that a...SUPER-MUTATED Demogorgon?!

    GUYS. Not to alarm you, but the very first trailer for Stranger Things 3 is finally here and my heart is beating faster than Will Byers' Mind Flayer–possessed body:

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    As a refresher, it's been almost TWO YEARS since Stranger Things was on (Season 2 dropped in October 2017). And Season 3 will jump ahead to the summer of 1985.

    We open on everyone's favorite Demogorgon daddy, Dustin — he appears to have just arrived home from summer camp ("Camp Know Where," LOL) and this montage is very appropriately set to Mötley Crüe's moody 1985 hit "Home Sweet Home."

    BUT WHERE'S THE WHOLE GANG?! They're hiding, of course, to surprise welcome him home! So cute...until poor Lucas gets a faceful of Steve's favorite: Farrah Fawcett Hair Spray.

    And this is the point where I start bawling like a lil' baby: A remixed version of The Who's ICONIC "Baba O'Riley" kicks in and, honestly, this combination of music and imagery is SO PERFECT it hurts.

    Bad boy Billy has a summer job as a lifeguard.

    Hop is waiting on someone for a romantic dinner, I ASSUME JOYCE...

    ...because, meanwhile, Joyce is eating a lovely microwave dinner.

    There's a very fervent statement from one of the kids (sounds like Will): "We're not kids anymore."

    And then there's a shot of Will, sweaty and very sad, looking at photos of him and his friends that we saw back in seasons 1 and 2.

    LOL, still loving this blossoming buddyship between Steve and Dustin.

    We get a new glimpse of Starcourt Mall — which we KNOW will feature some huge battle by the end of the season.

    And people appear to be protesting the mall — there are signs like "Mom & Pop got kids to feed!"

    Clearly Mayor Kline (Cary Elwes) will have his work cut out for him this season.

    My love Hopper shows up again, this time with a wonderful Miami Vice–esque shirt and a tragic gash on his head...

    He's probably lookin' for this baddie creeping through the funhouse.

    Then there's a whole montage of our girl Eleven seemingly confronting the Mind Flayer.

    And, HMMMM, it looks like Billy may have contracted a similar ~infection~ to what Will had in the past?

    Some MACHINE explodes...

    ERICA (Lucas's breakout star sister) goes all Die Hard on us!

    Murray Bauman (the wacky private investigator Nancy and Jonathan befriended) is back.

    We get our first look at Jake Busey as a character named Bruce.

    And, hey look, frozen Eggo waffles!

    Finally, WHAT do we suppose all the kids are looking at here, post-battle in the Starcourt Mall...

    Oh, probably just this SUPER-MUTATED DEMOGORGON?!?!


    Stranger Things 3 drops July 4 only on Netflix!