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A Twitter User Defended Littlefinger On "Game Of Thrones" And Sophie Turner Was Not Here For It

Spoilers and such.

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If you haven't seen the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones (judging you), then STOP READING because there are serious spoilers ahead.


(But also, if you've been able to avoid spoilers this long, I'm impressed.)

OK, so in a pretty epic plot twist, that creep Littlefinger finally got what he had coming to him and it was glorious.


How about we relive it all through Game of Thrones superfan Leslie Jones?


That moment you realize i need to beg for my fucking life!! These bitches bout to kill me!! Oh what a fitting death…

(This is the big moment, so avert your eyes if you don't want to see some of Arya's slasher shit.)

I dont think there has been a greater murder than this one!!

While Leslie (and all fans, TBH) applauded the Stark sisters for taking down that snake in the grass, a few people on Twitter got into a debate about Lord Baelish's "redeemable" qualities.

But, when one fan argued that Littlefinger had never actually hurt Sansa, Sophie Turner had to step in and show them the receipts.

Shut 👏 down 👏.

And sure, while Sophie will certainly miss having Aidan Gillen on set...

@xenglishrain So much. He's the best.

...she won't let anyone forget that his character was the fucking worst.



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