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    "SNL" Dragged "Love Is Blind" With A Hilarious Sketch That Was Cut For Time


    This weekend, Saturday Night Live parodied Netflix's Love is Blind in a cut for time sketch and, let me tell you, it is something.

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    As a fan of the new Netflix sensation, I could instantly appreciate the...similarities, lol.

    Not only are the sets nearly exact replicas, but it's pretty easy to tell which characters are which if you've seen the show.

    I started laughing right off the bat when I noticed the contestants "job" descriptions, which are "Attractive," "Parents' Money" and "Computers," LMAO.

    But the contestants in the sketch have more than just a love connection...

    "They all share something in common. Not only are they super desperate to get married, they're also being quarantined for exposure to the coronavirus."

    That's right, you're watching *drumroll*:

    They're definitely soulmates because they have things in common, like a love for travel...

    ...and who wouldn't appreciate these sexy first date questions?

    Are these emotions...or symptoms?

    What's the appropriate response to, "I wish I could be there to hug you, 'cause I'm a hugger. And also I don't wash my hands, and I put my fingers in my mouth????"

    Nothing is going to stop them from finding love.

    And I mean, nothing.

    What did you think of the sketch? Tell us in the comments!