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    The Craziest Effing Thing Is About To Go Down On "Riverdale" And I'm Not Sure I'm Ready

    I've honestly seen it all now.

    Look, I think we can all admit that Riverdale is...A SHOW.

    i love Riverdale, the first tv show to be written entirely by predictive text

    There's already been a jail break, a bear attack, corrupt nuns, an evil board game that's like the anti-Jumanji with a weird tree villain, a quarantine, and a cult that may or may not have supernatural powers and we're not even halfway through the season!!!

    Well, hold onto your pom-poms Vixens, because something even crazier than Cheryl waterboarding her mom with maple syrup is about to happen. We're talking TRULY. WILD.

    Your favorite crime-fighting teens are going to *wait for it* take the flippin' SAT's.

    You right now, probably:

    The writers must all be high on Fizzle Rocks or something because this plot line is downright B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

    Do they even carry backpacks to school? Do they all secretly do homework at La Bonne Nuit? Like, I'm pretty sure Archie wasn't reading Catcher in the Rye after taking punches in the prison fight club (and, yes, that was something that really happened).

    But, we all know there's no way that they're just going to take the SATs, so I'll just be sitting back tonight waiting for something like this to happen.

    Archie + co when they all get their scores back: