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    There Was A Mini "Queer Eye" Reunion And The Pics Have Melted My Heart Into A Puddle Of Goo

    Seasons colliding!

    If you've binged the newest season of Queer Eye, then you probably know Jess from Episode 5, "Black Girl Magic."


    After her parents threw her out when they learned she was gay, Jess struggled with the concept of family and unconditional love. She also had trouble with trying to conform to society's interpretation of her identity. But, at the end of the episode, she could confidently say that she was "a strong, black, lesbian woman." It's even her Insta bio now!


    Speaking of Instagram, I was scrolling through mine when I saw this photo of Jess with Tammye, a hero from Queer Eye Season 2!

    And the caption has MELTED. MY. HEART.

    Is it possible for your heart to cry tears of happiness? Because if it is, mine is definitely doing that right now.

    Jess visited Georgia — which is where the first two seasons took place — and shared a ton of amazing pics from her trip, writing, "Wow, Georgia was a blast. Had the time of my life meeting my fam ❤️ I can’t wait until next time."

    She even met up with Neal from Season 1 and Skyler from Season 2 (who both look super great, btw)!

    *Sees photo* *Smiles* *Reads caption* *Wipes tears off keyboard*


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