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    *NSYNC Reunited And 8-Year-Old Me Is Living Her Best Life

    ::screams:: ::cries:: ::melts::

    I'm so excited that I can barely type, so we're just gonna get straight to the point: *NSYNC REUNITED!!!!!!!!!

    Ok, I'm going to say it one more time, just in case you didn't hear me. *NSYNC, THE GREATEST BOY BAND OF ALL TIME (SORRY, NOT SORRY, BACKSTREET BOYS), JUST REUNITED!!!!!

    This hasn't happened since the VMA's in 2013!

    Now, unfortunately, they didn't sing. But, they DID get their (much belated, if you ask me) star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    *live footage of me watching the ceremony*

    The whole gang was there — Lance, Joey, JC, JT, and Chris!

    And a couple of other people showed up, too. NBD.

    HAPPENING SOON: A massive crowd is ready to watch *NSYNC receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Ellen DeGeneres introduced them and roasted the hell out of Joey.

    JC Chasez had this hair! LOOK. AT. IT.

    Justin thanked all of their moms and I cried.

    Lance made a speech about how *NSYNC fans helped him come out and I cried even more.

    The crowd sang "Tearing Up My Heart" and it cured every disease known to mankind. Pack it up, CDC! You're no longer needed!

    The crowd all started singing #NSYNC’s “Tearing Up My Heart” as @NSYNC’s Star was unveiled at the #Hollywood #WalkOfFame.

    Oh, and don't worry. They reminded everyone what day tomorrow is.

    jc yelling “it’s gonna be may” at the *nsync reunion today added ten years to my life

    Ok, I'm going to go listen to my faves 'til I die. BYE (BYE BYE)!