This Google Extension Called "Netflix Party" Is Going To Make Social Distancing So Much Easier

    Now I don't have to get that rude "are you still watching?" message by myself.

    I don't know about you, but this social distancing and quarantine thing means that I'm watching a TON of Netflix.

    Don't get me wrong, I love a good binge. But, after a couple of days spent watching episode after episode alone in my apartment, I start to look like this:

    Well, it turns out there's actually a Google Chrome extension that lets you watch the same show or movie as your friends at the same time.

    According to their website, Netflix Party is for "watching Netflix remotely with friends, e.g., for movie nights with that long-distance special someone." Furthermore, it "synchronizes video playback and adds group chat."

    So, there you have it! Go binge a new show with your friends...

    Hold the fuck up— you’re telling me that Rabbit came back for Quarantine but it’s now called Netflix Party omg

    who wants to watch movies on netflix party

    ...or use it to have a date night with that special someone, because love in the time of corona is hard.

    netflix party is the cutest thing ever🥺im really on a movie date rn

    any self-isolating e boys wanna watch a film on netflix party with me aha 😳👉👈

    For your convenience, here are a bunch of hidden gems to stream for your Netflix Party! Will you give it a shot? Have you already tried it? Tell us in the comments!

    Give it a shot here!