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    I'm Honestly Speechless At This Dress Michaela Coel Wore To The "Black Panther" Premiere

    Your fave could never.

    This is Michaela Coel. She's a mega-talented writer and actor, who you may know from Netflix's Chewing Gum.

    Netflix, John Phillips / Getty Images

    It is a very hilarious show and if you haven't watched it yet, what have you even been doing?

    You may also know her from her role on Black Mirror, which quickly produced a viral meme.

    friend: "BITCH OMFG I HAVE SUM TEA FOR YOU!!!" me:

    Like I said, she's very funny.

    Anyway, Michaela (who's British, btw) attended the London premiere of Black Panther, and she looked AH 👏 MAZ 👏 ING 👏.

    Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

    Like, 😍.

    But, even more amazing is the fact that she freakin' made this dress herself just two hours earlier. With her own two hands!

    Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

    She tweeted that the dress was actually created by sewing two skirts together.

    Last minute invite to WAKANDA, had 2hrs to ready myself. I had bought two of the same skirt from auntie who has the…


    Obviously, fans...



    @MichaelaCoel Aw right! When I saw the pics, I wondered where I could get one. You did that!

    But, the designing gene actually runs in the family. Her mother has created many of her red carpet looks in the past, and they're all incredible.

    Like, can we just talk about how gorgeous this is?!

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    The BAFTA winner shared this photo on Instagram, writing, "Thank you Mummy. She's actually a nurse, and occasionally does the clothes thing as a hobby...don't think she was quite ready for the amount of love for the dress 😂"

    Slay forever, queen 👑!

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