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Margaret Atwood Wants Drake To Make A Cameo On "The Handmaid's Tale" And If It Doesn't Happen We'll Riot

"Hotline Bling was about Margaret Atwood, pass it on."

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So I don't know about you, but The Handmaid's Tale just aired its Season 1 finale two weeks ago and I'm already going through serious withdrawals.

If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading this post and go binge it immediately. I promise, it's so good.


The story centers on Offred, a woman living in a dystopian, totalitarian society with a declining birthrate. She and other fertile women are forced to be handmaids, sexual servants rented out to elite families to help them produce a child. There's also a bunch of spies, resistance movements, secret societies, and people just getting stoned to death in fields — it's pretty nuts, honestly.

Well, Atwood was recently interviewed by fellow author, Junot Díaz for Boston Review's "Global Dystopias Project," where he asked her if she had met fellow Canadian, Drake.

I haven’t met Drake, but I have of course met people who have met Drake. But you have to realize how o-l-d I am. I’m not likely to go to the same parties. Or many parties at all, to be frank.

Wouldn’t it be fun for him to have a cameo in season two of The Handmaid’s Tale?

There you have it. I’ll drop that notion into the ear of Bruce Miller, the showrunner, and see what he can do with that, because of course the show is filmed in Toronto. Maybe Drake could help smuggle someone?

Margaret posed the idea of a Drake cameo on her Twitter and people were totally here for it.

Margaret atwood wanting drake to do the handmaids tale is the best thing i have ever heard in this world

Margaret Atwood apparently loving Drake sustains me

junot diaz (who changed my life) interviewed margaret atwood WHO WANTS DRAKE TO BE A GUEST STAR ON THE HANDMAID'S T… https://t.co/p5Py4OU2em

  1. Who do you think Drake should play?

Margaret Atwood Wants Drake To Make A Cameo On "The Handmaid's Tale" And If It Doesn't Happen We'll Riot

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