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    A Bunch Of People On Instagram Thought Kaley Cuoco Was Pregnant And She Rightfully Told Them To "Shut Up"

    "Seriously. Shut up."

    Obviously, you know Kaley Cuoco.

    Yesterday, the Big Bang Theory star took to Instagram to shut down trolls who repeatedly asked her if she was pregnant.

    "So, because I'm in traffic I thought I'd take this time to comment on some Instagram trolls," she said on her Instagram story. "I posted a picture this morning of my sister and I from an event last night and people said I looked pregnant."

    "Would you ever walk up to someone on the street or at an event where they're obviously dressed up and say, 'Are you pregnant?'"

    "It's just so comedic and shocking that people would ask that. I'm not pregnant. I guess it was a pregnant angle. But seriously, shut up."

    Fans quickly rushed to her defense and shared their own messages of encouragement, too.

    After everything, Kaley left one last message for her followers:

    But basically, enough is enough, trolls.