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    Posted on Jul 25, 2017

    The Cast And Creator Of "Teen Wolf" Told Us What To Expect From The Final 10 Episodes

    "It's a season about fear, about divisiveness, and about coming together and overcoming adversity."

    At this year's Comic-Con, the cast and creators of MTV's Teen Wolf answered fan questions and chatted with BuzzFeed about the show's final season. Here's what we learned:

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    1. Actor Colton Haynes told us that Jackson's reunion with Lydia will be "the most awkward scene in the world." (And Stiles may get caught in the middle of it.)


    "It's characters finding out a little bit more about each other over the years, over life's development, and it's really funny and awkward."

    Series creator Jeff Davis added, "I can tell you that there's some fun scenes with Stiles, Lydia, and Jackson. That it's an awkward reunion at first."

    2. Scott and Malia are going to be a thing, so get ready to ship #Scalia.


    "I think it comes out of left field because you guys don't see the progression in the season. It's a trailer moment for sure. But, you'll see how it grows," said Davis.

    "I like it. It's one of the more interesting — for me it was a fun relationship to play with. They're really good together, Shelley and Tyler. They love working together, so we'll see if the audience likes it."

    3. There's a good chance that Isaac is gone for good.


    "She [Megan Tandy] and a couple of others — because of scheduling conflicts —couldn't come back. Like, I wish I could've gotten my hands on Daniel Sharman and dragged him back up from Mexico where he's shooting Fear the Walking Dead, but it's hard," said Jeff.

    4. Actress Sibongile Miambo will play the new big bad, and according to Davis, "she is a villain you'd understand."

    5. When asked what Sheriff Stilinksi's romantic future would hold, Linden Ashby said "nothing."


    Many fans always thought that Stiles' dad would end up with Scott's mom, Melissa. Even Ashby said, "I thought that that was a done deal. I thought that was where we were heading." But our dreams were crushed when Melissa and Chris Argent connected.

    6. Fans will be "satisfied" with the ending.


    Sheriff Stilinski's Linden Ashby described the season as "[one] about fear, about divisiveness, and about coming together and overcoming adversity."

    Jeff Davis chimed in, "The last scene of the show feels like a really good ending to the series, mostly because it carries forward the message of the show. I think — I hope — that by the end fans will be satisfied."

    The final season of Teen Wolf premieres Sunday, July 30th at 8/7c on MTV.

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