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    The Cast And Creator Of "Teen Wolf" Told Us What To Expect From The Final 10 Episodes

    "It's a season about fear, about divisiveness, and about coming together and overcoming adversity."

    At this year's Comic-Con, the cast and creators of MTV's Teen Wolf answered fan questions and chatted with BuzzFeed about the show's final season. Here's what we learned:

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    1. Actor Colton Haynes told us that Jackson's reunion with Lydia will be "the most awkward scene in the world." (And Stiles may get caught in the middle of it.)

    2. Scott and Malia are going to be a thing, so get ready to ship #Scalia.

    3. There's a good chance that Isaac is gone for good.

    4. Actress Sibongile Miambo will play the new big bad, and according to Davis, "she is a villain you'd understand."

    5. When asked what Sheriff Stilinksi's romantic future would hold, Linden Ashby said "nothing."

    6. Fans will be "satisfied" with the ending.

    The final season of Teen Wolf premieres Sunday, July 30th at 8/7c on MTV.