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    Welp, It Looks Like Elsa Won't Be Getting A Love Interest In "Frozen 2" After All

    We still don't know who she is, but we know that.

    Early this year, Disney released the first official trailer for Frozen 2.

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    The teaser showed a mysterious girl who wasn't in the first film...

    Disney naturally everyone began to hypothesize about just who in the heck she was.

    the frozen 2 trailer just showed us two new characters!!! tag yourself i am the one going up in a plume of leaves and chaos with no control over my destiny but still appreciating the aesthetic

    Some thought she was Anna and Kristoff's daughter...

    watch,,,she looks younger so what if it’s anna and kristoff’s daughter who has a similar power to elsa except it’s wind instead of ice big BET

    ...while others hoped with every fiber of their being that she was a love interest for Elsa.


    I mean, people (me) REALLLLLLLY wanted this to happen. It's what we deserve!

    frozen 2 teaser trailer: shows a new girl character me, immediately: elsa’s girlfriend

    Well, I have the unfortunate job of telling you that this is tragically not the case.

    During an early press day for the film, BuzzFeed learned that Elsa won't have a love interest in Frozen 2 AT ALL.


    ^Your heart right now.

    "In terms of Elsa, she's not going to have a romantic relationship in this, like she didn't in the first one," said Disney Animation Studios' Chief Creative Officer, Jennifer Lee.


    She continued, "This is a woman carrying the weight of the kingdom on her shoulders and the heart of [the movie] is about her family, her sister, and her having to wrestle with her power as it grows."


    And yes, this means that Honeymaren isn't Elsa's girlfriend either. Sorry, fam.

    There's always the possibility that she's Elsa and Anna's long-lost sibling.


    Her parents were ~seemingly~ lost at sea. But, what if they settled in the Enchanted Forest or were somehow able to survive but not return to Arendelle? They already had one magical daughter, so it's not that far-fetched.

    But, we also learned that, in addition to the previously announced characters, there will be four new characters based on the elements.


    Nokk is a mythical water spirit that takes the form of a horse who uses the power of the ocean to guard the secrets of the forest. Gale is a wind spirit that can pick up objects and mimic others, and there's an Earth giant made of rocks, as seen in the trailer. But...that still leaves fire.

    Maybe this girl has a fire power to melt Elsa's ice? Which, ya know, still sounds kinda romantic if you ask me. But, whatever. It's fine, I'm fine.


    Anywho, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a relationship in a possible third film, because Elsa deserves love and we deserve this romance!


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