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Frankie Muniz Shooting His Shot With Lizzo Needs To Be Applauded

Now taking applications for purse/men hybrids.

I think at this point we can all agree that both Lizzo, and her twerk skills, are up on legendary.

I know it. You know it. And Frankie Muniz knows it.

Yep. You read that correctly. THAT Frankie Muniz. Of Big Fat Liar and Malcolm in the Middle fame.

Here's what happened. Earlier this week, Frankie tweeted this:

Hey @lizzo, lemme be your accessory. I can be a purse... put a chain around me and I'll hold your stuff for you... just sayin.

"Put a chain around me???" Whew! I need a moment.

In expert form, Lizzo responded with one minor correction: Accessorary*


For those that don't know, it's a lyric in her song "Tempo." Educate yourselves!

Days later, Frankie made this fan image from @Strawberry_cherub his new profile picture and I think it really just captures everything perfectly, don't you?

New profile pic of @lizzo and me. Credit to Strawberry_cherub on Instagram.

FWIW, Frankie has actually been engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Paige Price, since 2018.

Now, I don't know what prompted him to tweet this. Maybe he saw this meme, or maybe he was listening to one of Lizzo's songs at the time.

Whatever the case, the internet, being the internet, had reactions.

Malcom trynna be in the middle of those thighs

Actually, tho.

Frankie Muniz being so publicly horny for Lizzo before most people on the west coast are even awake is a lesson in productivity

Frankie Muniz showing up to Lizzo’s house

@lizzo *lizzo and frankie muniz at her next event*

I mean, inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places.

Frankie Muniz shot his shot at Lizzo before God and Twitter and I’m out here afraid to ask for what I want.

if frankie muniz can shoot his shot to lizzo on the tl in broad daylight u can send that “wyd” dm

But also, LOL. Same.

frankie muniz is risking it all for lizzo on main and i can't even get a text back

Honestly, good for Frankie.

Lizzo's power! Blame it on the juice, I guess!