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    I, A 26-Year-Old, Am Freaking Out At Finn Wolfhard, A 17-Year-Old, Reacting To His Co-Star, A 9-Year-Old, Not Knowing Who One Direction Is

    "Jesus. Oh my God, you don't know who One Direction is? Wow."

    Okay, so Finn Wolfhard recently spoke with UK's Heat to discuss his new movie, The Turning.

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    During the interview, he was told that fans want him to play a young Harry Styles in a One Direction biopic. Finn laughed it off and joked that it was too soon (which it is). Meanwhile, this was the reaction of his co-star, Brooklynn Prince:

    Brooklynn cautiously chimed in with, "I don't..." before hitting Finn with the bombshell...

    ...and then BOOM. Just like that. She has no idea who 1D is.

    Finn — who, to be fair, is only 17 — had trouble processing this, as we ALL would. You can see it in his eyes. This is the moment he realized that age waits for no man!

    FYI, Brooklynn is 9 years old. She was born in 2010. 2010!!!! TWENTY-TEN. TWO THOUSAND AND TEN...which also happens to be the year that 1D formed. Let that sink in.

    "Jesus. Oh my God, you don't know who One Direction is? Wow. Anyways...uhhh..."

    My mortality, to me, a 26-year-old, realizing Brooklynn definitely doesn't know who NSYNC is:

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