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    Updated on Apr 27, 2020. Posted on Apr 25, 2020

    Yes, Demi Lovato Has Seen The #DemiIsOverParty Tweets And She's Not Here For It

    "Where is the forgiveness culture?"

    Demi Lovato. You know her.

    Rachel Murray / Getty Images

    Earlier this week, the 27-year-old was a guest on Jameela Jamil's podcast I Weigh, where she made some very interesting points about cancel culture.

    “I’ve been canceled so many times, I can’t even count…the hashtag #DemiIsOverParty, that whole thing. It just doesn’t even affect me anymore," the singer said.

    currently watching selena stans and Demi stans having their annual twitter wars 🥰 #DemiLovatoIsOverParty

    As a matter of fact, the hashtag trended twice last week. Once, after Demi revealed that she and Selena Gomez are no longer friends. Then again, when her alleged finsta account was supposedly leaked.

    "One, it’s not real," she continued. "I don’t think anyone was ever officially canceled, otherwise certain people wouldn’t have Grammys, wouldn’t have Oscars, certain people would be where they are in their positions."

    I mean, points were made.


    Demi continued, explaining, “There are some people, if you have used up your second and third chances with a certain topic, you’re canceled and you should stay canceled. But if you mess up, and you apologize and come forward and say, 'I’ve learned from this,' then let that be an example for other people so they can change too."

    "Cancel culture will not work unless people have some sort of mercy. You have to be able to do that," she added. "I think if it’s somebody who refuses to learn, just has the entitlement of 'I can never do any wrong and I can get away with this,' then yeah...go ahead and cancel them.”

    Don't let the haters get you down, Demi!


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