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    Jul 24, 2017

    The Cast Of "Psych" Told Us All About The Upcoming Movie And I Honestly Can't Wait Until December

    Sadly, the Blueberry won't be back.

    Back in May, it was announced that after three years off the air, beloved USA original series Psych would be returning for a TV movie.

    Dust off the cobwebs! Remember the catch phrases! Check out how @JamesRoday and @DuleHill get back into fighting s…

    At this year's Comic-Con, BuzzFeed chatted with the cast and creators and learned a little bit about what to expect:

    1. The film, which will air in December, will take place during the holiday season in San Francisco and pick up three years after the series finale.

    2. Zachary Levi will play a "formidable villain."

    3. We might finally get to meet Chief Vick's family.


    Though Chief Vick's pregnancy was a small plot point in Season 1, her husband and daughter are never seen onscreen and have become a hidden mystery of the show.

    But actor Kirsten Nelson said of her character, "My husband's there. My daughter's there. I didn't leave them [in Santa Barbara]. There's a pretty funny joke that Juliet gets to make where she's like, 'We get to see your family?!' So do we or do we not, who knows?"

    4. Henry is a hipster now.


    Executive producer Chris Henze told BuzzFeed: "We'll see Henry has evolved a little bit in his retirement and changed. He's become a hipster of sorts! He bought a retirement loft and the area gentrified and he didn't expect it to become a cool area, but it became cool and then he became a retro guy. He's leaned into that."

    And apparently this new Henry comes with a wardrobe change. "He does not wear the Hawaiian shirts! He's got a little more scruff and a fedora. There's some coolness to him."

    5. Mary Lightly is back!


    It was no coincidence that Jimmi Simpson, who played Mary Lightly, moderated the Psych: The Movie panel. The fan-favorite character will appear in the reunion film, despite — *spoiler* — his character dying back in Season 4. Even Roday joked, "I believe he's now appeared on the show more post-death than he has than when he was actually alive, and we take great pride in that."

    As for how he'll appear, the writers "found a pretty clever way to give the people what they need and that's a little more Mary Lightly."

    6. There's a chance that Lassie will make some kind of appearance.

    4 weeks ago yesterday since I caught a wee touch of the stroke. Been knocking it out in rehab.

    Timothy Omundson, who plays Jules' partner, Detective Carlton Lassiter, suffered a minor stroke right when the cast was to start filming. Roday spoke to us about missing his costar on set, saying, "Tim wasn't with us, which you will most definitely feel. You don't make Psych without Lassiter."

    Chris Henze has spoken openly about Lassiter's role in the film, and Kirsten Nelson told BuzzFeed:

    "We are hoping that we still get to see him in the sense that we're definitely putting him in the movie. All of the stuff is done. There'll be sound, it'll be color corrected, as late as we need to go, and when he's feeling 100% we'll just bring a little movie camera crew and they'll film him wherever he is! And that's how we really wanted to work that out."

    7. Sam Huntington will play Juliet's new partner.

    8. Playa Gus tries his luck at love...again.


    Gus's love interest will be played by Dulé Hill's real-life fiancé, Jazmyn Simon. But according to Hill, it's not all smooth sailing: "Gus gets Gus'ed in this movie. I think fans are going to enjoy seeing the tables get flipped. He's gonna think that this is the woman of his dreams or his worst nightmare. One or the other."

    9. There are definitely more movies in the works.


    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, creator Steve Franks made it clear that he already has firm plans for a sequel, with a Psych franchise hopefully on the horizon.

    Roday joked, "I don't think Steve ever stops thinking about ideas for Psych. I have a feeling that this and two more movies are already sort of on his laptop that nobody knows about."

    Time to start hunting for those pineapples!


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