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People Are Standing In Solidarity With The Cheesecake Factory After The Restaurant Chain Said It Won't Be Paying Rent Next Month

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In just a few short weeks, the coronavirus has impacted nearly every facet of our lives, including our livelihoods. With April 1 right around the corner (and unemployment at an all-time high), many people find themselves struggling to pay rent.


And it's not just individuals who will be unable to pay rent, but businesses as well.

In fact, The Cheesecake Factory announced this week that it "will not make any of their rent payments for the month of April 2020" for any of its 294 locations throughout the US.

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With the decreased traffic and restrictions to curbside and takeout service in many of their restaurants (some have closed completely), the company stated it's “inflicted a tremendous financial blow,” and it "hopes to resume" its rent payments "as soon as reasonably possible."

When the news hit Twitter — where #RentFreeze had already been trending for several days — many people echoed the sentiment and joked about wanting to follow suit:

Me explaining to my landlord that I’m not paying rent because Cheesecake Factory isn’t either

@Eater Landlords: You still going to pay rent, right? The Cheesecake Factory:

Cheesecake Factory should give these to their landlord and say “it’ll blink when your rent check is ready”

@jemelehill Landlord: “Rent’s due...” Cheesecake Factory:

Raise your hand if you think humans deserve a rent holiday as much as the Cheesecake Factory does

@Eater Landlords: When will you pay the rent then? Cheesecake Factory:

Me explaining to my landlord that I’m not paying rent because Cheesecake Factory isn’t either.

Landlords: “So you guys will be paying rent on April 1st, right?!” Cheesecake Factory:

Me, reading these tweets:


Though these jokes are all in good fun, the reality remains the same, so support The Cheesecake Factory or your local restaurant here!

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