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18 Jokes About Paying Rent During The Coronavirus Pandemic That Are So Accurate You'll Laugh But Also Cry

"The fact that my landlord thinks he's getting rent next week..."

In case you haven't noticed, the entire globe is currently in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, which has caused many places to shut down and lots of people to lose their sources of income as a result. And yet, many landlords are still expecting rent on April 1, a mere five days from now.

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Yep. So naturally, Twitter had a thing or two to say about it. Here are the tweets:


my apartment sent an email about staying safe during corona and ended it with “remember! you can pay your rent online!”


us: they should freeze rent. we’re being laid off or unable to work. landlord: get another job lol use your savings or something. also landlords: if they freeze rent how will I pay MY bills. what about MY needs. also us: get another job lol use your savings or something.


The fact that my landlord thinks he’s getting rent next week. I —


Rent is due in April, can you be a bit more specific? Work with me here guys.


about to be my first time paying rent since the apocalypse hit...just in the mirror practicing.


If rent freeze what’s gon happen when that muhfucka thaw out?



Listen wether we get a rent freeze or not if we all just don’t pay rent thassa rent freeze okay????


Millennials trying to figure out how their $1200 “stimulus” is supposed to cover their: -$2000 rent payment -$800 student debt payment -$1000 in medical insurance/debt #stimulusbill #coronavirus #COVID19


hey you guys remember when the government made all our jobs illegal but didn’t freeze rent


me day 125 of quarantine on instagram live after not paying rent for three months


My apartment closed our gym, clubhouse and other amenities so I think rent needs to reflect that.


Me: *wakes up from a fuckin nap* Tom Nook: so here’s your rent bill Me:


When a landlord tells you rent payments are their entire income, they're telling you that the only thing they do for a living is own your home.


me paying my landlord rent after corona fucking up all of my finances


summoning circle, hope this works 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 nationwide 🕯 🕯 rent 🕯 🕯 freeze 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯


My apartment complex just sent out an email with the subject of “Rent Assistance” & it’s literally a list of places that are hiring right now


Tenants: I have no income to pay the rent Landlords: your rent is my only source of income Both:

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