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People On Instagram Criticized Cardi B For Having Body Hair, But Her Fans Clapped Back


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This is Cardi B. Isn't she gorgeous??

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images


Last Sunday, the "Bodak Yellow" singer and Bruno Mars performed their hit "Finesse" at the Grammys.


Moschino, who designed Cardi's custom '90s outfit that night, posted a photo of the singer on Instagram and, almost immediately, trolls came out of the woodwork to criticize the singer's body hair.

Instagram: @moschino

Now, IDK about you, but when I saw the photo my first reaction was, "What body hair??" Like, I literally had to zoom in.

But, that didn't stop people from body shaming her.

Fans were quick to defend Cardi from the haters and remind them that *shouts from the rooftops* THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH BODY HAIR!

Cardi didn't explicitly clap back at the haters, but she did post this message one day later on her Instagram.

Instagram: @iamcardib

Now, maybe this is about the body-shamers and maybe it's about something completely different. But the message is the same! Stop hating!

Let's all just agree to stop body shaming one another, shall we? Cardi, keep doing you, bb! 😘

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