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    Fans Are Making A Hilarious Comparison After Camila Cabello Had A Wardrobe Malfunction

    But, just like Spongebob, she can make a hit song out of it.

    By now, you've probably heard of Camila Cabello.

    Anyway, Camila was performing on stage at Z100's Jingle Ball on Friday night when she had a little malfunction with her wardrobe...

    me trying to look chill trying to cover up the fact that my pants just ripped mid squat at Madison square garden

    Now, I don't know anything about fashion so excuse me if I use the wrong ~terms~, but it looks like she's wearing a black romper — or, a long-sleeved top with spandex shorts — with sheer, crystallized pants? IDK! I already told you I wasn't an expert.

    My point is that it's basically something that my dog could tear through in two bites and she has, like, nine teeth. So, it's not shocking that it ripped once Camila popped, locked, and dropped it.

    Not only did the "Never Be The Same" singer keep dancing like nothing had happened, but she even poked fun at herself, too.

    i felt like spongebob in that one episode 😭😭😭😭😭 had to hit the dance moves tho

    TBH, this is a compliment because Spongebob is iconic and this song is catchy as hell.

    camila performing never be the same tonight 😭❣

    Bottom line (no pun intended): Camila Cabello is a pro AND she likes Spongebob. We should all stan.

    Also, because I know it's probably already stuck in your head, you can listen to "Ripped My Pants" here or check out this weird remix I found below!

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